Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preparing for Red Ribbon Week

We are ready for Red Ribbon Week 2011!
"Hocus Pocus Drugs Aren't My Focus"

Dress-Up Days: 
Monday-Focus on Being Drug Free
"Wear Red"
Tuesday-Don't Lose Your Focus
"Dress Crazy"
Wednesday-Focus on Being a Drug Free Team
"Wear TEAM Gear"
Thursday-Focus on Being All You Can Be
"Wear Camo"
Friday-Focus on Blacking Out Drugs
"Wear Black"

Staff T-Shirts
(Please excuse the wrinkles...looks like I'm going to have to iron before I wear!)

Classroom Door Decorating Contest
Our door...We Say BOO to Drugs! 
NOT an original idea.  I looked at many different blogs/websites and came up with this compilation.  The kids had a great time painting their hands to make our "ghosts"!
Local police officers will be judging the doors.
We would LOVE to win a class pizza party!!!

Each class decorated paper grocery bags that will be used during Red Ribbon Week at our local grocery store.

We will also be have a Red Ribbon Week Assembly planned for Monday.  The students have been working on posters during Art class the last two weeks.  Poster contest winners will be announced (as well as the classroom door contest winner...fingers crossed) at the assembly.  A couple of local police officers will talk to the students and will be available at the end of the assembly for students to meet.

 **This is our first year to have a Red Ribbon Week committee.  We have lots of ideas for next year and hope to get an earlier start so we can involve the community more.  We're on the "hunt" for other ideas.  I'd love to hear your school's ideas for Red Ribbon Week. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pinkalicious Part Deux

So I promised, over a week ago, for Part 2 of my PINKALICIOUS post...well, it's finally here! 
I hope it was worth the wait!

Cupcake Finger Painting
Click on the cupcake for the link.  We colored the cupcake paper and cherry, then finger painted the icing PINK

We made a PINK book. (We make one of these each know, but with different colors!)
I'm not sure where this "book cover" came from (I got it from a fellow team member...if it's your's, please speak up and I'll link to it!)

I'm sure I'm not the inventor of this idea, but to make a QUICK class book, I use a 1 1/2 inch clear cover binder and clear page protectors.  These books are easy, quick to change out, and durable.  My lil' love muffins take turns sharing them with their families.  Some families even make comments.  The kids LOVE to hear what their families have to say about our books!
I was "tickled pink" a few weeks ago when I came across Mrs. Lee's blog. Where she had posted the bubble graph and art project. They are super cute! 


So to culminate our week of all things PINK we HAD to do a couple of her activities.
After our bubble blowing FUN, we created a graph (see middle of photo)...

And made our faces w/bubbles...

Or popped bubbles!

We had so much fun celebrating PINK!


Monday, October 10, 2011


We were very lucky to have a very special visiting teacher in our classroom Friday...
It was Ms. Pinkalicious !!!  She came to help us celebrate everything PINK!

So of course, we HAD to read Pinkalicious

We also got to fingerpaint PINK cupcakes!


My lil' love muffins had a "Poppin' Good Time" getting to chew PINK bubble school.  Now you all know that is a MAJOR no-no!  So it was an EXTRA special event!  We tried to blow bubbles...Ms. Pinkalicious even gave us a bubble blowing lesson!  This was definitely the highlight of all our PINK day!

I'm trying...

"I think I can...I think I can..."

Success!!! (Miss Pinkalicious was a little late with the camera!)

Another SUCCESSFUL bubble blower!

 And of course we had to have PINK cupcakes to finsh the day!  Yummy! 

**Be looking for Part 2 of this PINKALICIOUS post.  There are a couple of activities that I didn't get pictures of and one activity that we need to complete!**