Monday, October 10, 2011


We were very lucky to have a very special visiting teacher in our classroom Friday...
It was Ms. Pinkalicious !!!  She came to help us celebrate everything PINK!

So of course, we HAD to read Pinkalicious

We also got to fingerpaint PINK cupcakes!


My lil' love muffins had a "Poppin' Good Time" getting to chew PINK bubble school.  Now you all know that is a MAJOR no-no!  So it was an EXTRA special event!  We tried to blow bubbles...Ms. Pinkalicious even gave us a bubble blowing lesson!  This was definitely the highlight of all our PINK day!

I'm trying...

"I think I can...I think I can..."

Success!!! (Miss Pinkalicious was a little late with the camera!)

Another SUCCESSFUL bubble blower!

 And of course we had to have PINK cupcakes to finsh the day!  Yummy! 

**Be looking for Part 2 of this PINKALICIOUS post.  There are a couple of activities that I didn't get pictures of and one activity that we need to complete!**


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