Monday, January 28, 2013

100's Chart Puzzle

This will be my last 100th Day Post ...maybe.  As I stated in my first 100th Day post, my teaching buddies and I will be splitting up our kids and letting them visit each of our classrooms.  My activity is a 100's chart puzzle.  Up until  now, I've used an old 100's chart that I drew cut-lines on for the students.  I decided that I'd "spruce" it up a bit and add the lines using PowerPoint.

I know it's nothing fancy or extravagant, but If you'd like a 100's Puzzle to use with your love muffins, click on the picture above!

Friday, January 25, 2013

100th Day Part Deux

There have been some great 100th Day posts lately. .I'm LOVING them and getting lots of ideas.  I'm also feeling a little jealous that you all have already reached this milestone in your school year.  We still have 4 school days until #100 is here!  I wanted to share the note that we send home for our 100th Day Family Project.

Here is a picture of my 100th Day hat.  100 PIPE CLEANER chenille stem curly Q's!!!  My love muffins always tell me it looks like my hair...only colorful! :)  Gotta HATE love my natural curls.

A few teachers will be getting together next week to create a shirt similar to this.  Thanks going out to the Yard Sale Princess via pinterest!

If you haven't celebrated yet, I hope I've given you some ideas.  If you have or the day is just too close, maybe some ideas for next year!

Friday, January 18, 2013

100th Day of School

Our 100th Day of School is QUICKLY approaching...8 school days away to be exact!  My class has been so excited about counting up (or are we counting down...I'm confused) to the 100th Day this year!!  Anywho, I have many fun 100 activities planned for this special day and I wanted to take time to share a few of them with you all!
**If any of the ideas below are your's, please let me know so that I can give proper credit!**
1. 100th Day Banner
This was my banner from last year that I hung at the entry to my classroom.  It was painted by a FABULOUS parent volunteer!  I saved it, and am hoping it's in good enough condition to use again it  this year.  I guess I'd better get it out and see what kind of shape it's in! 
2. 100th Day Family Project
Each month we send home a project for students to complete with their families.  This month, our project wis to create something to wear for the 100th Day.  Students in the past have made t-shirts, hats, and ties that have 100 of something attached to them.  Students have also made bracelets and necklaces out of 100 beads, rubberbands, safety pins, and cereal.  
This one was super cute...100 glowing stars!  YES, we did turn out the lights and shut the shades!  We just had to see him glow!  And who can resist a noodle necklace!  Don't you LOVE the glasses? 
3. 100th Day Snack Mix 
I ask for parents to donate items for our 100th Day Snack Mix.  We use these cool counting mats (made by that AWESOME parent volunteer - Mrs. Katie) to make sure that our mix includes exactly 100 tasty treats!  We also use the mats for other counting activites.
Check out this spread!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
This little muffin is showing off her 100th Day mix and her "Peace" shirt made with 100 buttons.
4. 100th Day Stations
My two teaching buddies and I (yes, we only have 3 sections on Kindergarten) divide our classes into 3 groups and they get to complete a different activity w/each teacher.  Each station lasts approx. 15 min.  The kids LOVE getting to be in "class" with different friends and getting to visit the other classrooms!
Working on a 100's chart puzzle during stations.
5. Balloon POP!
This is definitely the kids' favorite 100th Day activity!  Each class has 100 balloons to pop (the hard part is finding people to help blow them up).  We put them all in the hallway and let the kids have at them!  So chaotic, I mean SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I hope this post gives you an idea or two that can be incorporated into your upcoming 100th Day!  I'd LOVE to hear what you all have planned, too!!!