Friday, January 25, 2013

100th Day Part Deux

There have been some great 100th Day posts lately. .I'm LOVING them and getting lots of ideas.  I'm also feeling a little jealous that you all have already reached this milestone in your school year.  We still have 4 school days until #100 is here!  I wanted to share the note that we send home for our 100th Day Family Project.

Here is a picture of my 100th Day hat.  100 PIPE CLEANER chenille stem curly Q's!!!  My love muffins always tell me it looks like my hair...only colorful! :)  Gotta HATE love my natural curls.

A few teachers will be getting together next week to create a shirt similar to this.  Thanks going out to the Yard Sale Princess via pinterest!

If you haven't celebrated yet, I hope I've given you some ideas.  If you have or the day is just too close, maybe some ideas for next year!

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