Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not School Related BUT May Spark Your Inner Domestic Goddess

I am so excited SICK!!! 
I absolutely couldn't wait Friday night to get to my local Wal-Mart (NO, I wasn't going to gawk at the customers in p.j.'s, but I'm sure I would've ran in to a few), but alas I didn't get there.  The man worked late and the boys were not having a trip to Wally World.  I don't blame them.  Anywho,  what was I so excited about buying you ask?  (BTW-Thanks for asking.  I'm so glad you're interested in my story! :)  I wanted to get there to buy the ingredients for my "semi homemade" laundry soap! 
Yes!!!  I've been pinning!  I got this recipe (and picture shown above, didn't think to take my own) from
 Being Creative to Save My Sanity.
Well, I finally made it to W.M. late Saturday afternoon (after two basketball games 9:00 and 2:00) and found myself making semi-homemade laudry detergent and EXCITEDLY doing loads of laundry on a Saturday night.  Really?!?!  Is this what my life has come to???  
I spent $19.49 on the ingredients AND it's supposed to last like 9 months!  So, we shall see!!!  I also added a container of Scentsy Washer Whiffs in French Lavender (also LOVE the Quiver scent) for a little added aroma!
Here is a photo of MY finished product.
Not nearly as fancy or pretty as the pic shown on B.C.T.S.M.S.'s blog.  She purchased a glass container and cut "Laundry" out of vinyl on her Cricut.  You can check it out at her blog.  I had the glass container in my cart at W.M., but had second thoughts about it.  I could just envision the lid getting dropped (it had a glass lid) or the container catching an elbow and shattering on the ground.  Instead, I went with a 2.6 gallon Sterillite plastic trash can...classy right?  (So...add $10 to my total, but it will get used again!)  I'm using the scoop from one of the OxyClean containers to measure my detergent (one to two scoops depending on how dirty the laundry is...the man's work wear will DEFINITELY get two scoops). 
I must say that so far (I'm only a few loads in) I'm VERY happy!  My basement and laundry room smell delightful (makes me wish even more that I had main floor laundry).  I'll give it a few more days and let you know what I really think.  I'm hoping to save my family a little $$.  Besides I like being able to say "I made my own laundry soap," AND it was kinda fun...shhhh, don't tell the man! :)
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
BTW-Who's playing???

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