Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently JUNE!!!!

The Currently Linky (hosted by Farley at "Oh Boy 4th Grade") has become something that I look forward to each month (although I'm usually a few days late)!  If you haven't joined this linky yet, I highly suggest it.  Lots of fun and you meet new bloggers and learn of new blogs to visit and get ideas from. 

 Here it is...MY "currently" for June: 
listening:  I LOVE being the first one up in the mornings.  I get a little me time to do what ever I want to do.  This morning when I started my "currently" I was all alone, before I got it done, the man was I had to take a brief break.  Now I'm back to finish it up!
loving:  I'm in LOVE w/the fact that summer break is here!  (I will be teaching two weeks of pre-k summer school at the end of the month.  I get to meet some of my new love muffins!)  We have no set-in-stone vacation plans (kind of a bummer) but I'm sure we'll go/do weekend trip.
 thinking:  I'm thinking (discusssing w/the man) about what is on the agenda for today.  It is supposed to be on the cooler side (but NO storms).  Hmmm...  We also found ourselves discussing selling/buying a new place.  We currently live in a subdivision, which he HATES and want to move out where we have a little room to roam and play.  And then there's my (nonexistent) garden.  I'd love to put in a raised bed somehere in my yard...just something little...doesn't have to be fancy garden.
wanting:  There are definitely some items/areas that need some "attention" at our current home to make it more desireable for potential buyers.  But, we don't want to put a bunch of time and $$ into a home you don't plan to stay in.  Then again, a lot of what I want to do (hardwood, tile, painting, replacing deck door, staining, etc..) I would like to have done IF we end up staying. Anywho...
needing:  Like I said, really should be in the "want" section but I ran out of room.  I need to get my tush in gear and clean, purge, purge, purge, then clean some more!  We have too much STUFF!!!
3 vacay essentials:  I kind of cheated b/c so much can go into my first 2 essentials.
"Sun Protection Items" - sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats
"Comfy Attire" - shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and loose fitting/quick dry clothes
"Book" - you gotta bring along 1 or 2 of those
I look forward to linking up w/you all again next month!  Hopefully I'll have a few good posts between now and then, too.  Happy Summer Bloggers!!!!!


  1. I am always the first one up in my house too. I love having that time to myself. I drink my coffee, do some computer things like blog or check email. It is just a great way to start my day.

    I am your newest follower! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Hey Randee,
    I'm always first-up, too. Especially on Sundays (unless the Hubs is golfing). I love the peace & quiet!
    I found you through Farley's link up. I'm your newest follower!
    First Grade Follies

  3. I spent all last summer getting my house ready to put on the market, too. I did sell it in the fall so it was worth it! Beach spots are always my favorite! Have a great summer. P.S. I am a new follower. You blog is great. :)
    Preschool Wonders

  4. We are thinking about moving this summer, too. It's such an exciting (and terrifying) idea! Good luck!

  5. Nah - beach vacation is definitely a NECESSITY!

    I am your newest follower - looking forward to more great posts :)

    Mindful Rambles

  6. Comfy outfits are a must for me too. Getting to the beach a need!


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