Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gift of 17

Two posts in one week?!?!  OMGoodness! Who is this blogger anyway???
So my Kindergarten teaching buddies and I have been on the "hunt" for an idea to replace the traditional gift exchange for our Holiday Party, AND I think we've found it!  "The Gift of 18" (or 19, 20, 21...).  I'm super excited about it and willing to give it a try.  I'm not sure where this idea originated, but I got it from my little guys Kindergarten teacher from last year! 
Thank you Mrs. Blankenship!
"The Gift of 17"
Here’s how it works:
Each family that chooses to participate can bring in 18 (one for each child in our class plus one in case we a new child moves in) similar items wrapped in ONE package.  Some ideas include; pencils, gloves, pens, magnets, play dough, bubble stuff, stickers, rubber stamps, books, fun pads, candy canes, cookie cutters, etc...
Families may choose to give one gift to the whole class such as a board game, book, playground ball, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, scented markers, craft items, etc. that everyone in the class can enjoy for the rest of the year.
Packages should be labeled “To my class” from "Child’s name.”
Children will open his or her own gift and present it to the class.
 No one is required to participate.

No one will be left out.

There is no spending limit either high or low.
It is my hope that all of the children will leave for the holidays feeling good about giving and feeling fairly treated.
I have a letter typed up to send home to my students' parents explaining  "The Gift of 17".  It is on my computer at school. :(  I will try and post a PDF version of it next week.
Merry Christmas!!!

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