Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Holiday Party & The Little Red Hen [Makes a Pizza]

So, I haven't posted since July...yes, you read right...JULY.  I have done a pretty good job of keeping up with everyone and the GREAT ideas everyone is sharing...THANK YOU! :)

Winter Holiday Party Ideas

My kindergarten teacher buddies and I were brainstorming ideas today for our Winter Holiday Party.  We've done the gift exchange where students bring a wrapped $3-$5 gift (if you've done this before, I'm sure you know the pros and cons) and we'd really like to get away from it if  possible.  We've also tried a book exchange and an ornament exchange.  We're looking for NEW ideas!!!  If you have any ideas to share (whether for gift giving, activities, or games) we'd love to hear them! 

The Little Red Hen [Make a Pizza]

I am currently teaching an after school enrichment class, "Book Cooks & More".  This week our book we read The Little Red Hen [Makes a Pizza]
(Given to me last July during the Christmas in July Book & Activity Exchange. Thank you Cristy Wagner!)
If you haven't read it, you need to...SO CUTE!

We compared and contrasted it w/the traditional story, completed a story map, made biscuit pizzas,


 and made these cute Little Red Hen chef hats.


This super cute (sideways *sorry*) hat was a PINspiration!  I'm having trouble locating the origin of the original pic, so here's the model I made.  If the idea is your's, PLEASE speak up. only took 4 months, but my post is complete!  Again, please share any Holiday Party ideas you have.  We're looking to "spice" ours up a bit!  Thanks


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Randi! I LOVE your red hens in the chef's hat! Too cute!!! Hope you have a great Christmas!

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  3. Superb share. The biscuit pizzas look fabulous. I am also going to host surprise party for my son’s 10th birthday at the local garden Chicago event space. I was just wondering if you can share some decoration ideas as well!