Monday, April 1, 2013

"Spring" Into Kindergarten: An Event for Incoming Kindergarteners

A few years back (6, 7, 8...that's a few, right???) our building started a Pre-K activity called "Spring Into Kindergarten".  This is an hour long, evening event of activities for Pre-K students (incoming 2013-2014 Kindergarteners) and their parents to come to our school.  We try to hold the event a week or two before our Kindergarten Screening is scheduled.  This event is not a lot of work, and the pay-off is AMAZING!!! 
This event provides these little guys and gals and opportunity to see the school (so it won't be such a strange place when they come in for the screening), to see some of the adult faces they will see at the screening (so they won't be so scary), and time to let loose and have a little bit of fun with future classmates!  I think parents also benefit from this evening of play.  They get to see the school, meet the principal and some of the teachers and staff, and possibly begin to ease some of the nervousness they have with their "babies" going off to Kindergarten. It is also a GREAT first impression for some of these parents!!!  I love it, because I get to meet some future love muffins and get to meet parents! 
Some of the activities we have for the kids to particpate in are:
Obstacle Course

Music and Movement
Pattern Blocks & Puzzles
Sensory Table

We also have a Story Corner and Snacks in the cafeteria. 

**I've got to say that we have the BEST staff around.  Many teachers/staff give their time to help w/this event (not just the Pre-K and K teachers).**

We also sent parents home with the following information.  Click below to read them for yourself.  We (my Kindergarten teacher buddies and I) thought it was a great list of things to work on!

 Students are also invited to our annual "Kindergarten Buddy Day" event.  On this day, incoming Kindergarteners come to school and spend 2 hours in a Kindergarten classroom (yes, we have MORE students for those two hours) and get a "taste" of what Kindergarten is all about!  I love to see the faces of my lil' love muffins...they're so proud to be my "helpers"!  Ya know...they've never been the BIG kids before!  We ususally do calendar, sing some some songs, dance around, have a read-a-loud, and complete a craftivity.  It's a busy couple of hours, but again VERY worth it!  My love muffins still talk about that day! 



  1. I tried to open the skills page, but nothing came up. Thanks for sharing this great idea- we are in the process of planning a similar event for Headstart families transitioning to our school. Love your ideas!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I checked my link and THINK I have it fixed now! Good luck on your event!