Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue Springs and Math Work Stations Chapter 3

The boys and I spent a few hours at Blue Springs today.  While the boys played, Josie (our new puppy)and I read Chapter 3!   I did take a few breaks to join in the fun and cool off in the spring fed creek...June has been H.O.T.!

Chapter 3 is done...Debbie Diller provided me with a PLETHORA (I LOVE that word) of information on how to successfully get my Math Stations going.  It has given me A LOT to think about.  Like I said in my Chapters 1 & 2 post, I've unsuccessfully attempted math stations in my classroom in previous years.  I came to the conclusion that organization could have been a major factor there (1 & 2 helped me get that far).  I plan on purging and organizing my storage closet during the 10 days I'll be teaching Summer School (man I'm going to miss creek days w/my boys...10 days, 30 hours and a SWEET paycheck...I CAN DO IT)! 

I'm really not ready to FULLY take on the "Getting Started" information...baby steps!  I've gotta get organized in a MAJOR  way!!!!  I may need to reread Chapter 3 (not while I'm at the creek, keeping one eye on the boys and one on my book AND after the organization process).  I bet there is a lot of information that I missed.  I'm going to be behind on my responses, but I'll there!  Until then, I'll continue to read and gain ideas from the other bloggers out there! :)

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