Monday, June 27, 2011

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna

So, I attended the BEST school event EVER on Friday...The Technology Buffet Buffet!!! I'm not real sure exactly what made it the BEST...good food? good company? or was it the GREAT prizes?!?!

Let me tell you about it - Our technology department has some funds for PD, but not enough to provide stipends for everyone, yet they wanted to reach as many teachers in our district as possible, sooooo they came up with the Technology Buffet.
  • Teachers created and taught 30 minutes courses on a plethora (LOVE that word) of technology topics. Teachers and their students earned points for creating, teaching, attending, and completing "homework" assignments.
  • There were point levels and as the levels rose the prizes got better! Teachers were entered into drawings for the F.A.B.ulous prizes according to the number of points they earned.
So, I knew there was no guarantee as to a prize, but I worked taught and attended classes, worked hard to complete "homework" assignments and earned enough points (50 to be exact) to be in the top level drawing (which was for an iPad or a Kindle-I would've been happy w/either-or so I tell myself) but...I won an iPad (and YES, I am creating this post from my new toy)!
 I'm loving it!!!
I can't wait to really get to know my new "friend"!

Anywho, I'd like to thank all of those that made the Technology Buffet Buffet possible and congrats to all of the other winners!!!  We truly have the BEST technology department around...they really do take care of us!

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