Friday, July 27, 2012

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

1. My name is Randee Renee.
 When my parents were discussing names, my mom wanted to name me Annie Jo. Thankfully my dad didn't like it (I just don't think I would've made a very good Annie, although I do have the curly hair, hmmm...).  So they settled Randee (Randee after my dad's BF, Randy).  The Renee was after my aunt. I haven't always liked my name...but I've grown to love it!

2. I'm the oldest of three children...36 years old! My brothers are going to kill me, but they were so cute!  They'll probably NEVER see this anyway!!!

Brad and Chuck

3.  I'm an Auntie and I LOVE it!  My brothers (who no longer look like this) have given me the two sisters that I never had, one nephew (Barrett) and two neices (Izzy and Ruthie)!!!

4. I have three FABulous men in my boyfriend Ray and his two boys!

 5. I love hanging out w/my boys during the Summer (and VERY lucky that I get to spend so much time w/them)! We spend a lot of time at creeks, on rivers and lakes, and at the pool. They LOVE to  snorkel and look at all of the critters.
And me...
I'll be on the bank (boat deck or lounge chair) catching a little sun while the boys do their thing. 
I did climb and jump off the tree you see in the top left of this picture!

6. I have ALWAYS loved to dance...still do!

7. My LOVE for dancing and need to get off of the couch, let me to Zumba Fitness!  I'm totally addicted!! I've been instructing for 2 years and will be attending my 1st convention in August. A little nervous because it takes place 2 weeks before school starts!!!!

This is my friend Becky and I and the Gin and Tonic tour in K.C.  Believe it or not, I believe that is Becky bent over in the dance picture of  me above!  We've been dancing buds for over 25 years...CrAzY!!!

8. In addition to Zumba Fitness, I'm addicted to McDonald's Sweet Tea!  I swear it's "laced" w/something!!!

9. So I haven't talked school yet...2012-2013 will be my 14th year in the education.  I've taught at the same, small, rural school and couldn't even dream of going elsewhere!  We have an awesome staff, students, and parents!  I've taught grades K-4 (not in that order).  Some moves were made by choice, others were because of classroom numbers (#'s fluctuate from year to year).  This will be my 4th year in Kindergarten and I still LOVE it and am very EXCITED about my team!  I hold a Master's Degree in Education (no specialty...kinda regret that decision now) and earned National Board Certification in 2009.

10.  If I could have any other job, I think I would want to be a secretary (not a school one)!  One of the many things I LOVE about summer is lunches w/my girlies!  An hour off in the middle of the day is just perfect!  In addition...I also LOVE to talk on the phone, take notes, proofread, and organize meetings and events.

Want to know some more?!?!

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  1. I just started taking Zumba classes-I love it-so fun! Even though I have no rhythm :). Sunning on a riverbed sounds just heavenly!