Sunday, July 29, 2012

Talk Point Ideas NEEDED...Pretty Please

<br><i>Ideal for simple activity instructions, daily reminders, word or sound practice and more!</i><br><br>

So, to my surprise, I had a set of these in my classroom supplies when I opened my box from School Specialty...

I was a tad excited! 

We were told to order the "bare minimum" but I put a couple of  "wish list" items on there (never hurst, right???) AND... Wah-La!  I immediately took a picture and tm'd my buddy across the hall.  We had just been looking/talking/discussing these at the MO Kindergarten Conference.

Here's my request bloggers...I need some ideas of how to use them w/my lil' love muffins!  I know, in past posts, that some of you had commented on how you use (or would use) them.  I'd LOVE to read through some of those again and hear new ways everyone is using them.   


  1. Oh, my!!! I love these little things! I used them in first grade last year. I would record the spelling list so the kids could take their spelling tests on their own during centers. I recorded directions to centers and left them at the center with the rule they could only push it once. I also used it to have students record their sentence when they were writing. The little ones who could verbalized but then never got their words to the paper benefitted from this! It was like have an extra adult in the room! I think they would be great for kids to listen to a snippet of their reading fluency too. I think you will love them!


    1. Thank you for the GREAT ideas Christine! I can't wait to start using them w/my lil muffins!