Saturday, July 28, 2012

While blogstalking...

While I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up w/my blog, that doesn't mean that I haven't been doing my share of "stalking"!  Here are a few ideas I've come across in the last couple of weeks that I plan on incorporating this year.  Thanks to ALL of the awesome teacher bloggers that have inspired me to BEGIN thinking about that first day!

Great ideas for Writing!

SOMETIMES my kiddos have a hard time thinking of something to write. I will change it up a bit and give them an option of what to write about.
Monday ~ Write about the weekend ~ Who they played with ~ What they ate for dinner
Tuesday ~ Sentence Starter ~ If I was a raindrop I would.. ~ I like to eat..
Wednesday ~ Writing Prompt ~ Do you like birthday cake? Why? Describe your bedroom.
Thursday ~ Shadow Writing
Friday ~ Free Write 

**I plan to type these up and post in my writing area.**

Lining Up Dots

I think I'm going to incorporate Mrs. Maya's "lining up dots" into my lining up routine this year.  My love muffins last year had a difficult time with this.  I think the dots (and LOTS of practice) may be just what we need to make this routine a little less stressful on ALL of us!

Did It Dots!

Lovin' the "Did it Dots"! Mrs. Shelton gave students "dots" when then followed her 5 sentence writing rules...1. Neat Work  2. Finger Spaces  3. Capitals  4. Punctuation  5. Word Wall.

I picked up a few sets of "Did it Dots" at Wal-Mart for $.88 each!!!

Crate Bench & Eraser Glove

I really like the idea of using crates to create a bench w/storage!  I mean, who can't use a little more seating AND some storage!  I plan to creat a bench to use in my carpet/group area.  Not sure what I plan to store in them yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to find something!

The black crates below will become a bench...I look forward to seeing the finished product and LOVE the idea!!! 

I haven't seen the finished bench seat, but here is a pic of her her finished "pee resistant" crate seats.  I plan to redo my bucket seats, and why not make them "pee resistant"?!?!

 Love this idea too...the green "dusting" gloves.  She plans to allow her board cleaner to use them!  These were purchased at the Dollar Tree guess it, $1.00.  I think this would make "cleaning" the white board so much more fun!

Again, a BIG thank you to ALL of the teacher bloggers mentioned above and the rest of you out there.  These were just a few of my favorite ideas...keep them coming!  I'm SLOWLY getting inspired and motivated to get back into my classroom and prepare for my new love muffins! 


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