Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to Civilization...Back to School

We had a great time camping and fishing this weekend. 
Here's me and the little man with our first day stringers...

And today it was back at school (at least it was my first "official" day).  Funny how I'm supposed to have everything ready to go in the ONE full paid day we get.  We had our district meeting this morning, lunch, and time to work in our rooms this afternoon.  Tomorrow, we will have a building meeting, lunch on our own, and time to work in our rooms.  Wednesday, my new little love muffins we be all mine!  I've got a lot to do (LESSON PLANS) before they walk in my door!

I wanted to share (probably a little late for most of you) the pamphlet I typed up for my students' parents.  I got the pamplet idea from Mrs. Cole at "Cole's Little Pups".  It explains a little bit about me, tells about our classroom, and provides them with a daily schedule.  I didn't have this done (actually I did, but when I went to print it at school, I realized I didn't have the font loaded on my newly "imaged" school computer and didn't have the time to change everything around) to give out orientation night, so I mailed it with a letter I typed up for my muffins.

Well...I wish you all a fantabulous school year.  The boys start school tomorrow (me on Wednesday). Tanner is going into Kindergarten and Kohl into 4th grade.  They were both so excited tonite, especially Tanner.  He was "reading" books to us.  He's finally got his teacher's name down, and he's soooo proud of that.  We were reviewing where he would go after school, picking out his first day outfit, and planning for his snacks and lunch.  I told Ray that's why I love Kindergarten...they are just so darn excited about school! 
I so wish they (me, too) could hang onto that first day enthusiasm!!!  


  1. Aww, I love that your little one was excited about going to school! My youngest is starting kindergarten this year too, but he is worried because he doesn't know how to read or hold a lunch tray yet lol. No matter how many times I reassure him that he will learn and it will be ok because he already knows and likes his teacher, he is still not sure that going back to school is a good idea.
    I start 3 days of PD tomorrow with only Thursday afternoon in my room to prepare for "Pop in for Popsicles" that night. I really like that students start on Friday - at least I will have the weekend to recover! Good luck to you and your boys, I hope you all have a fabulous school year!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Quick question. You mentioned behavior management on the flyer you made. Great wording! How do you display that in your classroom? Do you use clothespins, how do you use it in your room?

  3. I use paper plates (purple, green, yellow, red, and blue with faces on them) and clothes pins w/the students' names on them. I'll try and get a pic and post it.

  4. I love reading your brochure and seeing how I can change mine for next year. You have such great ideas. I will keep checking in on your blog and will add you to blogs that I follow on my blog.


  5. I'm heading fishing with my kids tomorrow. I hope that we have the same success you did. I also love the great resources you have on this site. Keep up the great work.