Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Owl Pattern

I previously posted a picture of my "welcome wall" for my new Kindergarteners. Since my classroom theme is owls (well at least you'll find many owls hanging out)I wanted to use owls for my wall? I bought these super cute wall art owls from Target and got the bright idea I'd create some from scrapbook paper. I found some cute girly paper in "The Dollar Spot" and found some more manly paper in the scrapbook section (I think it was $1.75). Anywho, I created a pattern...

Cut, glued, cut some more.  (I wish I had taken some "process" pictures.  I had the living room floor A MESS!!!)  Added some google eyes (already had these at school)...

and their names...

And WAHLAH!  Some super "scrappy" (and cute) owls!

I know...this is the wall BEFORE the names, but take a good look, close your eyes, and just "make a picture in your mind" of what it looks like WITH the names! :)
Actually, I'll try and get a FINAL pic this afternoon and replace it with this one in this post!

Wutcha think?

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  1. The pattern will not open for me. Could you email it to me possibly? Thanks! I love the owls, they're so cute!

  2. These are toooo cute! I love them! Thanks for sharing the pattern! :o)


  3. Super cute owls. The pattern wouldn't open for me either. It said I didn't have access on google docs. I just recently started a blog. Please check it out. :)


  4. Very cute. The kids will love it. :)