Monday, August 29, 2011

I've been a bad blogger...

So, it's 5:38 a.m. (I'm sure it will be a few minutes later when I finish this post, but you get the's early). Anywho, I feel like as of late I've abandoned my poor blog...even blogging all together. The first 8 days of school have had me exhausted! I've so enjoyed meeting my lil love muffins, but they seem to "suck the life" outta me the first few (or more) days. I'm sure this week is going to be so much easier b/c we're all starting to "catch on" even if it's just a little bit!

I do have some things I'd like to share with you all, but as I was trying to create a blog post on Satuday morning, my digital camera was not wanting to cooperate with my computer! Ugh!!! AND it's too early today to mess with them both. I hope the next time I try they are both in better "moods"!

I hope you all have a fantabulous week! Hopefully you will hear from me soon!

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  1. Hi, Randee! I hope all is going well in your kindergarten corner of the world! :-)