Friday, August 5, 2011

Classroom Update

So, I spent MUCH of last weekend in my classroom (about 11 hours) but I feel pretty good about my progress thus far...
**I apologize for the poor quality of my pics, they were taken with my phone  AND I didn't take the time to edit them.**

my Word Wall
(Oh My Goodness...the glare from that light is HORRIBLE! Again, my apologies.)
cabinets in my classroom library
(I moved my library -not sure just yet if I like it- and will include a pic when I'm happy w/it!)

possible entry wall saying
(I'm having a bit of a "creative slogan" block!)

and my entry wall as it looks right now
(I still need to add student names to the owls, but I'm waiting until a little closer to our orientation.  Our class lists seem to be changing daily!!!!)

If you're wondering, YES, I did make my own owls.  I used scrapbook paper I found in "The Dollar Spot" and then another package of scrapbook paper from Target (I think it was only $1.75).  I had google eyes school.  So, we're talking about a $3.00 project!  I'd change a couple of things...
1. some of them are a little "busy" and I think the owl gets "lost".  I would mix/match my prints a little better next time. 
2. I would use the JUMBO google eyes.  I think they would really bring out their eyes!
I'm bummed now that I did not take an upclose picture.  Maybe I'll do that today.  I also have my pattern to share if anyone is interested, of course it needs to be scanned. 
Have a great day blog friends!  If you need me...
I'll be my classroom! :0)


  1. those owls are so cute. Seeing all the owls on the different blogs makes me wish I had thought about doing owls.

  2. Your room is adorable. I love looking at class pictures. can't wait to see your library too!
    First Grade Garden

  3. L.O.V.E. it Randee! I've got to come down the hall and look at your classroom. The paint looks great by the way. (Maybe I should have stuck with that color)! HA! Your owls are ADORABLE!


  4. Nicole, I'm in LOvE w/ the color and am so glad you decided it wasn't for you! I like your's, too...the stripe really makes it! I just wish I was as creative as you! Your room is AWEsome!

  5. Love these owls!!! Do you have the pattern for them? I am a student teacher in the home stretch before graduating and I love the owls! Trying to stock up on things to use in my future classroom one day!

  6. Love the pictures! Can I have the pattern. My classroom is birds and in my library I am going to have " Look Whoo Is Reading". Those owls would be perfect! Thanks in advance. Elissa
    P.S. I loved the clipboard I went a ordered a cute blue and green one. LOL

  7. Oh my, do I love your cabinets! So cute.