Monday, August 1, 2011

This is the Sun & My 1st Giveaway

I've been waiting patiently to make this post.  I didnt' want to spoil Cristy's surprise!  But, here it is...

For my Christmas (in July) book, I chose This is the Sun.  I actually found it in "The Dollar Spot"! 
 (I know you all are thinking that my partner got the "short end of the stick" since her book came from "The Dollar Spot", but I also sent Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes!  (There have been so many GREAT ideas and activities posted on various blogs to use with "Pete".) 

Anywho, as I was skimming through This is the Sun, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

The Gist:
When I taught 2nd and 3rd grade, my students loved to do squiggle stories.  I would give them a paper with a squiggle on it and they would have to turn it into something, then write about it.  I was always amazed at how differently the students "used" the squiggle, and it usually wasn't anything I expected or saw myself.  This is the Sun takes different objects and turns them into other objects (a sun becomes a sunflower, a lion, and a dandy lion).  My idea (I'm sure it's not original) was to have my students turn the shapes into "something" and then "write" about it, then combine the individual pictures and create a class book.  Just as the squiggles, I know the students are going to surprise me with what their shape becomes!

Below, you can "download" the pages for a class book titled, This is a Circle.  I will post other shape class book pages in the near future.
Other variations/activities:
  • Print or provide cut-outs of a circle in various sizes and allow students to choose any sized circle.  Students can glue the circle on their paper (where they would like it to be in the picture) and then create their illustration.
  • Go on a "Circle Hunt"!  Give students a magnifying glass and head out around your school hunting for circles.  Dont' forget the digital camera!  Students can be the photographer (my lil' love muffins LOVE to be photographers) or you can take them yourself.  A class book similar This is a Circle can be created with the printed photographs.  Instead of creating their own illustrations, they will glue the photos on the page. 

Of course ideas above can be done with any shape...even the solids.  I plan on trying out the "squiggle" with my students, too.  I think they will LOVE it!
I just happened to pick-up two extra copies of This is the Sun that I am going to give away (this will be my first give away).  I realize it's not a BIG score (only worth $1) but it's FREE and comes with a ready-to-use activity! :)  If you'd like chance to win a copy, all I ask is that you follow my blog and leave me a message that you are a follower.  I will "randomly generate" two winners on Sunday, August 7th! 
Good Luck!


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