Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Giveaway to Check Out!

"a little birdie kinder told me so"

The prizes are...
* a customized apple teacher bag- canvas tote bag with your name on it
* gift cards to two of my MOST favorite places (Target and Sonic- route 44 drinks baby) in the amount of $10 each
#1-What teacher can't use ANOTHER tote?
#2-What teacher doesn't LOVE Target?
#3-Need I mention the Dollar Spot?!?!
#4-Sonic...Just thinking of the many thirst quenching flavor combos I could order!!!
(This will also give the McD's "sweet tea gal" a short break...I'm not afraid to admit I'm
addicted to this OH SO SWEET concoction! I swear it MUST be laced w/something!!!)

Anywho, head on over an check out Karen's blog and register for some great stuff!!!

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