Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So I'm Still Off of the Wagon But...

I've been a VERY busy girl! I'm having LOTS of Summer fun! I do have moments when I start to feel a little guilty that I'm not putting too much thought into the upcoming school year, but then I remember my summer days are dwindling and I've got three boys that just wanna have FUN!

Let's see I've been so busy w/my boys...swimming pool, water park, park, picnic, creek, river, fireworks, and BBQ's.

But I've also done some fun things just for,Zumba Fitness {LOVE}, playing on my iPad, making a t-shirt tote bags (only wish I'd used a cuter t-shirt, I,ll definitely be making others), Bad Teacher, dinner, and drinks with 14 of my closest teaching buddies (it had been MUCH too long), napping, and blog stalking (kind of a given). that I've made lots of excuses for not keeping up with Math Work Stations, please know that I have been reading everyone's posts (AWEsome ideas) and saving lots of the posted freebies in my google docs account. I will return to and finish MWS, it just may be a couple more weeks. My goal -get into school gear immediately following the Kindergarten Conf. I will be attending July 18th and 19th. I'm sure it will put me into "Back to School" always does! Until then I'm going to continue keeping myself busy doing super fun, summer stuff!!!

P.S. If you're interested in recycling a t-shirt and making a super cute tote, check out Mrs. Perry's post at Primary Perspective!

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