Saturday, July 23, 2011

To Paint Or Not to Paint...That WAS the Question

So I've spent the last 6 weeks trying to decide whether or not I wanted to was going to paint an accent wall in my classroom. It's a LONG story. Much too long to type and much to boring for those of you reading this.  AND for those reading this (you know who you are) that already know the story, MUCH too monotonous.  ANYWHO, I scored some paint from my buddy Nicole "First Grade O.W.L.s".  Thanks Nicole!!!  She actually bought it for her room and didn't like it.  So yes, it was "sloppy seconds" but I liked it, and Friday was the day. Many hours later, there was a green wall in my classroom (that still needs some touch-ups, but I'm lovin it).

So, here's a view of "the wall" at about 9:30 Friday morning...

5:00ish...almost done.
YES, that is about 7 1/2 hours of painting...and NO I still was not done!  I was told that I was slowwwwwww....

This is how it looked when I left around 6:30ish that evening.
Well a pic of 1 window with the new curtain.  Not sure why I didn't take a pic of the whole wall.  Hmmm.....
I know what you're thinking, but YES, it really is done (except the touching up I mentioned above)!
Aren't my curtains the cutest?!?
(Thank you Target! Only wish they had come from "The Dollar Spot"!)
I'm still going to add a chocolate panel at the bottom and tie back with something colorful!

AND a Giveaway from Fourth Grade Frolics!

How CUTE is this?
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AND just in case you don't win...


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  2. Sorry. I was TRYING to add my link to my post but the HTML didn't work. Anyways...good choice with the paint and I am LOVING the curtain.

  3. Love you wall color and curtains!! So cute! Can't wait to see the whole thing:) Thanks for coming by and posting about my giveaway! I am so excited!! Those bracelets are sooooo cute!! The Sweet Rewards thing is something I saw on someone elses blog...I use play money (I call it E money) for individual classroom rewards but wanted to do something for teamwork/whole group rewards so, the cookie sheet will be hung empty and then they as a class will earn a cupcake for a variety of things, good transitions, quiet walking to specials, good cafeteria behavior, good classroom participation...once the cookie sheet is full they will earn a reward like having lunch in the classroom with me or something to that effect:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Glad the paint color worked for you! I'm LOVING the curtains (I think they would look better in my room)...LOL. Owls are the cutest!


  5. Randee,
    I was in my room yesterday painting my bulletin boards and thinking what a s.l.o.w. paimter I am so your post made me laugh. So glad to know that I am not alone!!! I am maybe a third done. It was 10 pm so I had to stop. Sigh. I hope to finish today.
    An Open Door