Sunday, July 10, 2011

Help! Discovery Bottles

I would like to make some sort of alphabet "discovery bottles" and am looking for ideas!  
So far, I have ...

 I'm looking for...
Suggestions of what I can or should include  
Differenciating ideas 
Recording sheets 

If you have any ideas, examples of something you have created, or can send me to a website, blog, or book that can help me out...please share.  I really don't want to recreate something new if there are already GREAT things out there (which I know there are)!


  1. Google Melissa Forney! I made her tells you how to color the rice and gives other ideas:) I wish I had a pic...will in a few weeks..I used gumballs to fill one and little crystal things from Michaels to fill another. I know these are only ideas for the "filling" but hope it helps:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I have also seen them made with liquid instead of rice. I think using liquid as a filler would give you lots of options to differentiate the bottles.
    *Clear water
    *Colored water
    *Half water-half oil (colored or not)
    *glitter in the liquid
    *confetti would be larger than glitter, but would add interest and make it more challenging
    *you could use almost any small item (tiny buttons, beads) if it would fit through the opening

    Other dry ideas might be popcorn kernels, split peas, sand, pasta - you just might need to vary how full you fill the bottle so the letters can move around inside.

    I hope you will share pictures when you're done!

    Mrs. Krull
    Of Primary Importance

  3. One of my favorite discovery bottles I made is a "dice" bottle with water, glitter and one dice in each. My kids love to shake it, look at the bottom and see what number they came up with. I use these with math games and they are fabulous and best of all, quiet! Another great source for discovery bottles is hope this helps!


    Found a great blog today with lots of discovery bottle ideas AND recording sheets! So excited! If anyone has any other ideas, please leave a comment and thanks to those that already have!